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Kyle G. Watkins, M.A.

~Senior Pastor

Our Pastor is a true inspiration not only to the collective body of Christ, but to the nations. Pastor Kyle is a true shepherd and apostolic marketplace leader who disciples people from every persuasion of life. On one end, you’ll see this young apostle on the mats grappling as “The Rolling Rev” at major jiu-jitsu tournaments representing Christ as a 2x World Bjj champion, then you’ll see him in his pulpit shepherding his congregation.


Don’t stay there, as you scroll through social media, you’ll find our leader on men’s suiting ad’s, but he’s also a world traveler and has preached to thousands of people. He’s a fashion designer and men’s apparel creator. Don’t blink because you’ll miss out that he’s also an author and a public figure who works in tandem with other influential community leaders from county executives to senators to improve the conditions of his local community.


Pastor Kyle has had several appearances on television including New 12 Long Island, God.TV, Prince of Peace television, PMITV, Isaac TV and many more channels. Our leader is a leaders leader who leads our church with passion and love for God’s people. We introduce to some and present to others, Apostle Kyle Watkins

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